Updated: Jun 23

The Winston Salem Black Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the creation of its first Road to Business Resilience Training to our 50+ Business Members, Triad Businesses, and residents who want to focus on business resilience and sustainability. Training Sessions will be held twice a week for 5 Weeks, with 8 Zoom Sessions and 2 in-person.

Participant Grants available at the completion of Training.

WSBCC Members attend training sessions at NO CHARGE. All participants are invited to join the WSBCC to receive NO CHARGE sessions.


  1. JUNE 21,2022

  2. JUNE 23,2022

  3. JUNE 28,2022

  4. JUNE 30,2022

  5. JULY 12,2022

  6. JULY 14,2022

  7. JULY 19,2022

  8. JULY 21,2022

  9. JULY 26,2022

  10. JULY 28,2022

For questions, contact Jerusha Smith, Administrative Assistant at 336-306-6019 or email infowsbcc@gmail.com.

Become a WSBCC Member today and receive free training with access to grant funding at the completion of training.

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