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Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Greetings WSBCC Members !!!

I am touching base with another "Message from the Vice President" to keep you engaged with your Winston Salem Black Chamber of Commerce (WSBCC). First, let me apologize for an oversight on my part in the last communication from me. I failed to mention the New Members Orientation that Donna Jones hosted on 6/226/2019 at her State Farm offices. Our Membership Chair Valerie Benton Smith did an excellent job in articulating some of the benefits of being a WSBCC member.

Since my last communication we (the leadership team) have been busy moving some crucial initiatives forward. Among those are:

  1. the development of a comprehensive business plan that will be a compass to guide our organization for the next 1-3 years

  2. strengthening our partnerships with others in the "EcoSystem" here in the Triad (check out our partners tab on the website to find out who some of them are)

  3. continuing to develop our relationship with the US Black Chamber of Commerce (our President Randon Pender attended the annual conference in Maryland last month and came back with crucial information and networking opportunities)

  4. a review of our current By-Laws in building our infrastructure (new committees, new Board members)

  5. Announcing an opportunity for new Board members (4) to be reviewed at our Members only meeting tomorrow 9/10/2019 at Hickory Tavern from 6:30p-8:00p (thanks to Cynthia Jeffries, Mo Redd & George Redd who agreed to be on the Nominating Committee)

  6. A proactive approach to increasing awareness of our new website and the new benefits that come with being a paid member

  7. Working on a retreat for current and new Board members that will include orientation and re-orientation for existing Board members

All that being mentioned, we still want to hear more from YOU about how we can better meet your needs and expectations when it comes to what you need to be successful as a business person !!!

We realize that "one size does not fit all". However, we also know that there are some fundamental needs that we all have such as